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BOR Creates University System Program

The UP Board of Regents (BOR) approved the resolution creating the Systemwide Network on Archipelagic and Ocean Studies during the BORís 1123rd meeting on August 27, 1998.

The resolution defines "Archipelagic and Ocean Studies" as "an interdisciplinary inquiry into the unity of the structures and processes unique to Philippine archipelagic environment, the corresponding impact of such structures and processes upon Philippine society, their implications for the management and development in the political, social, cultural, economic and environmental spheres, and the promotion of an archipelagic consciousness among the Filipino people."

Through the BOR resolution, the Systemwide Network was formally organized to perform the following functions: (1) Formulate and implement a research agenda in support of Archipelagic and Ocean Studies; (2) Facilitate cooperative undertakings in Archipelagic and Ocean Studies between and among units in the different autonomous universities in the planning and implementation of academic degree programs; (3) Strengthen the Universityís human resources in Archipelagic and Ocean Studies and project these capabilities as a national resource which can be tapped by the government and private sector; (4) Provide a medium for consultation in matters related to Archipelagic and Ocean Studies prior to the setting of policies and formulation of decisions in the University; (5) Ensure optimal allocation of resources among units involved in Archipelagic and Ocean Studies; and (6) Install a University information system and data bank in Archipelagic and Ocean Studies.

The priorities of the Network are as follows: (1) current inventory of University resources, expertise, researches and information related to Archipelagic and Ocean Studies; (2) implementation of research projects which meet the program criteria; (3) building up of human, material and information resources for identified gaps and weaknesses; (4) support for curriculum development; (5) policy formulation and advocacy on national archipelagic concerns; and (6) information dissemination activities.

The Network consists of all academic programs in the UP System related to Archipelagic and Ocean Studies (AOS). The AOS Committee was also constituted to define, recognize and formulate the programs under the umbrella of this Network. Such programs are subject to approval by the AOS Executive Committee (Execom) which receives and approves project and/or program proposals, packages activities for support, and generates internal and external resources for the Network.

Finally, the UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies is designated as Network Secretariat that is headed by a Director appointed by the UP President.