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Seven Projects Mark Network's 2nd Year

The University of the Philippines' Network on Archipelagic and Ocean Studies (Arcoast) will undertake seven research projects for 1999-2000 starting on December 1, 1999. These projects are as follows: (1) Across Island Transport of Hazardous Chemicals; (2) Archipelagic and Ocean Studies Database and Information/Policy Network; (3) Marine Scientific Research in the Philippines and Neighboring Countries; (4) Places of Geologic Interest for Tourists in the Philippines; (5) Philippine Marine Transport Systems; (6) Philippine Maritime Zone Mapping; and (7) Running and Maintaining Research Vessels in the Philippines.

The seven projects culminate the series of meetings and activities of the Network which was first convened on December 8, 1997 to discuss the concept of Archipelagic Studies and Oceans Policy. About nine months later, the UP Board of Regents approved the resolution, during its 1123rd meeting on December 27, 1998, creating the Systemwide Network on Archipelagic and Ocean Studies. In October 1998, the Network's Executive Committee evaluated 26 proposals. The above-mentioned research projects were among those that were shortlisted.

The project team members of the research on Hazardous Chemicals are: Dr. Zenaida B. Catalan of the School of Environmental Science and Management (SESAM) of UP Los Baños; Dean Ben S. Malayang III of SESAM; Dr. Cesar Villanoy of the Marine Science Institute (MSI), UP Diliman (UPD); and Fernando Siringan of the National Institute of Geological Sciences (NIGS), College of Science, UPD.

Network Director, Dr. Gil S. Jacinto of MSI heads the projects on Database and Information/Policy Network as well as Marine Scientific Research.

Comprising the team that will study places of Geologic Interest for Tourists are Dr. Teodoro M. Santos of NIGS; Dean Evangeline Ortiz of the Asian Institute of Tourism (AIT); Dr. Victor B. Maglambayan, NIGS; Dr. Eddie L. Listanco, NIGS; and Mr. Carlos Libosada, AIT.

The project on Marine Transport Systems will be co-directed by Dr. Glenn D. Aguilar of the Institute of Marine Fisheries and Oceanology, College of Fisheries, UP Visayas; and Dr. Ricardo Sigua of the National Center for Transportation Studies, UPD.

The Maritime Zone Mapping Project will involve Atty. Jay Batongbacal, Ms. Maribel Aguilos, and Atty. Eunice J. Agsaoay of the Institute of International Legal Studies, UP Law Center; and Dr. Epifanio Lopez, Randy John N. Vinluan, Paolo C. Campo, Ma. Cecilia D. Rubio, Julius M. Bañgate, and Royce G. Eustaquio of the Department of Geodetic Engineering, College of Engineering, UPD.

Dr. Cesar Villanoy and Dr. Maria Jayvee Udarbe of MSI will implement the project on Research Vessels. The seven groups are expected to submit their research reports in November 2000.