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University of the Philippines Archipelagic
and Ocean Studies Network

The Network on Archipelagic and Ocean Studies (Arcoast) consists of all academic programs of the University of the Philippines (UP) System related to Archipelagic and Ocean Studies. The Network was formally created on August 27, 1998 by the UP Board of Regents through a resolution during its 1123rd meeting.

The Arcoast Network was formed because UP, as a primary resource of the nation, is called upon to apply its creativity and technical expertise for the betterment of the nation. Hence, the University’s studies must acquire a definite orientation that seriously considers, interprets, and analyzes the profound implications of the archipelagic reality as a basis for crafting effective plans, policy directions, and strategies.

The UP Arcoast Network has the following functions: (1) Formulate and implement a research agenda in support of Archipelagic and Ocean Studies (AOS); (2) Facilitate cooperative undertaking in AOS between and among units in the different autonomous universities in the planning and implementation of academic degree programs, research policy studies, and extension or consultancy work; (3) Strengthen the University’s human resource in AOS and project the capabilities as a national resource which can be tapped by the government and the private sector; (4) Provide a medium of consultation in matters related to AOS prior to the setting of policies and formulation of decisions in the University; (5) Ensure optimal allocation of resources among units involved in AOS; and (6) Install a University information system and data bank in Archipelagic and Ocean Studies.

The UP Arcoast Network shall address eight key program areas, including: (1) Food Security; (2) Water Supply; (3) Transportation, Communication, and Tourism; (4) Environmental Conservation; (5) Nonliving Resources and Renewable Energy; (6) Marine Living Resources and Biodiversity; (7) Formation of a National Community; and (8) Preservation of National Security.

The UP Arcoast Network Executive Committee currently chaired by UP Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ma. Serena I. Diokno, reviews and approves project and/or program proposals, packages activities for support and generates internal and external resources for the Network. The UP Arcoast Network Secretariat is headed by the Network Director, Dr. Gil S. Jacinto. The UP Center for Integrative and Development Studies (CIDS) provides the coordinating staff of the Network. The UP-CIDS is based at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni Building, UP Campus, Diliman, Quezon City.